FAQ About Water Leak Detection  

Water leaks can happen because of several factors that can contribute to a leak. Some main causes range an increase in water pressure, corrosion, poor installations, accidents such as drilling, poor soil conditions, and deterioration, all of these will require immediate water leak repair doing, failure to do this will result in more extensive repairs being needed.

How much water can you lose in a water leak?

The amount of water lost greatly depends on the size of the pipe, the pressure that the water is under, and the size of the break. The higher the size of the break is, and the pressure it is under, will often mean increased water loss.

Can I detect a water leak myself, or will I need to hire a professional?

The simple answer is yes, you can detect a water leak without having to hire a plumbing expert. Nevertheless, at some point, you will need an expert when leak detection is proving somewhat difficult. Below are some ways that you can detect a water leak.

  • A marked increase in water bills.
  • Meter reading positive usage of water while every water-using appliance is switched off.
  • Cracks on the walls and floors.
  • A decrease in the water pressure.
  • Wet and moldy floors.
  • Changes in water purity includes dirt or debris in water indicating a water leak.

What happens if a previous repair didn’t work and there is still a water leak?

If you had a repair previously and noticed that there is still a water leak, you may need to consider re-piping as the plumbing system is open to more future water leaks as the pipes have completely corroded.

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